Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plates on a Wall.

I know I neglected the blog for a couple months, but I haven't completely forgotten it. Thus, this rather random post. But it's an improvement I made to the house, so there you go.

Plates, collected over the last year or two from various thrift stores, antique malls, etc. And now put on the wall in my hearth room with a fireplace that doesn't work, or my girly room as I keep calling it.

If you've ever been in Susan's house, you'd think I was totally copying her by putting plates on my walls. She's got hundreds. But it was just Pinterest, I swear...

I haven't changed much in the actual room... I'd really like to repair the brick and thus get the fireplace working, because I think the room will be fabulous once it's working!

Here's a close up of some of the plates. The picture is a bit washed out but it was cloudy all day so I wasn't sure what to do about it. I wish I had gotten more colorful plates now that they're all the wall, but I just need to paint the room. Also, I just got generic plate hangers at Lowe's. They cheap and obviously do the job!

One of the plates. Most of them I got for 99 cents at thrift stores.... not too bad :)

Here's all the plates hung up. I put them around the sliding glass door in the the hearth room.

I can see the plates from the hall, which makes me happy :)

Here's a preview for probably my next post... I've been sewing for about a week straight. But I adore the result.

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