Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Again

Well, hello again. It's been a long hiatus on the blog. But you know... I've been busy. And stuff.

Lots of stuff.

Anyway, for some reason lately I have wanted to do ALL THE PROJECTS. Which, you know I was fairly gung-ho before, so now it's a bit of an issue. For Miles, anyway. But I've done everything in budget, so aside from all the mutual labor, he doesn't have it too bad :)

The main project was the kitchen. I've been wanting to paint the cabinets since we looked at the house since the floors were an orange-y oak color and the cabinets were an orange-y maple color.

So I did. And here ya go, pictures:

Before. Pretty, but lots of orange. Not a cute orange, either...

And now! So much brighter and happier.

I still have work to do, since somehow this one cabinet door didn't get painted, just primed. Looks great.

Aaaand the primer pooled in some places so some of the doors have this (above) nasty crustiness on them. So I need to sand them and repaint them. But it's a lot of work and they look good now, so... ya know. Could be awhile.

Part of painting the cabinets was adding knobs and pulls. 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I love love the pulls.

The knobs I don't really care about, but they go with the pulls better than anything else did and Miles really liked them. They look fine, I just don't love them.

We also installed a new sink and faucet! The color of the cabinets and the sink/faucet were the only things lacking practically in the whole house, so we fixed that :) Miles was the manual labor. Good man.

I wanted a cast iron sink with white enamel... I just found out that my sister bought the exact same sink today!! Great minds... :)

And a close up of the faucet for my sister. Since she still needs to buy that. Brushed nickel since supposedly it's easier to care for than stainless steel (and stainless steel is a PAIN), and we got a pull down that had a magnet so it'll never wear out. Important.

I also updated the gallery in the kitchen. Before it was those botanical prints, which I liked a lot, but my friend Heather came to visit and we found some cool stuff when we went antiquing and I wanted to see it more often. Also, on the right bottom is this brass hammered version of the Last Supper which I got at the one super cheap thrift store that was right next to our last house in Texas.

I've come to the opinion that if it's in my house I better love it. And I don't need to be acceptable for the few people that would see the weird stuff. So. I like ships.

This is one of the projects that Heather and I did. We had a lot of fun. Isn't this cute?? She describes everything better than I could on her blog.

It ended up by the front door. And even though I put some of my stuff on it for the pictures, Miles uses it all the time. See above picture.

And now we're really getting random. I got an English saddle off Craigslist and I just think it's gorgeous :) The lady gave me the saddle, pad, girth, stirrups, and stand with it. Made me happy.

And okay. Here are some pictures of the dogs. I thought it was cute that they went in the only sliver of sunlight they could fine. Then Tucker chewed his bone.

Then he was just ready for the sun. So Molly chewed the bone next.

And this is how the dogs sleep. Under Miles. Tucker can handle any weight, but Molly likes to curl around him. For the warmth and just because they love him.

I've got more projects to feature. So, I'll hopefully put those up soon. I'm back in a groove.


  1. Kate, I love you dearly. You are so creative & have a crazy good eye for all this! I'm considering it a stamp of honor to have accidentally chosen an identical sink! :)

    The picture of Tuck tuck under Miles is ridiculously cute. ridiculously.

    see you in MI--maybe mid-March?

    -da sis

  2. This made me so happy, Katy dear.

    Ok, the cabinets look amaaaaazing. I bet that room is so pretty in the morning. It was so pleasant before but it's so light and pretty now.

    Also, I love that you went for a cast-iron, enamel sink. Stainless is getting so boring. Also, is the light over the table new, too? I love it.

    Also, the drawer pulls look like you in drawer-pull form, and I love the Pinterest hangy things, and if I were you, I'd keep the saddle in my house and use it as furniture because it is also so. Pretty.

    So, I'm gushing, but your posts always feel like sitting down and having a cup of tea with you, and that's so nice and feels over-due.

    Also, I love that you love ships. And I love your puppies.

  3. Beautiful projects, as always! :)

  4. I love reading about your projects! Keep updating! (Reminds me that maybe I should update more often...oops)

  5. Your kitchen redo is awesome!
    Tucker as a pillow? Too cute!
    Miss you all....